The Healing Soul LLC Podcast The Healing Soul LLC Podcast, Empowering Wellness & Oneness, Learn about Angels, Near Death Experiences, Increasing your Intuition and many other topics covering Spirituality and Wellness to Wholeness. Answer the questions, Why am I here? What does my Soul look like? How do I know my soul’s path?

Intuitive Heart¬†, by, Marybeth Rombach Nelson, will open your heart, reading words full of love and healing. Your heart just like your third eye receives intuitive messages for guideance in your life.Why are you here? What are you Supposed to be doing? Open you heart, mind and soul to connect to your higher self and […]

When we set our mind to change, great things happen. Your desires have a greater impact than you can imagine. Tap into powerful energies; clear negativity and stress. Raise your vibration, gain mental clarity, relax, and connect to Source. Make inroads to the manifestation of your New Year’s Intentions and learn why what you do […]

Fall is the time of year of abundance when we harvest what we have planted. It is a time of preparation for the coming winter. Join us, Dave and Pat Krajovic of the Global Breath Institute for this FREE Conscious Breathing Meditation as we harvest the good, the holy and the beautiful. We will assist […]

Every human being is guided to remember who we are. Put some meaning into your life and connect to the Divine Light that you are. Someday, we will all remember fully our greatness and grandeur. This is ensured. The only question that remains is how much pain and suffering we have to experience before we […]

Let us pave the way to New Beginnings by Allowing the Good to come into our lives. Join us in this guided meditation as we let go of old patterns and nourish the highest vision of who we know we are. Let the flowers of enlightenment unfold as we bring our joy, our gifts, our […]

There is an attitude of Gratitude in the energy of this season. Grateful for the abundance of the fall harvest, for the peace we experience in our lives. Grateful for our freedom and so much more. Join us in this guided meditation to experience where we hold on and open to the experience of deep […]

Guided Mindfulness Breathing Meditation: Summer Breeze. Join us as we lighten our being and become the calm and soothing energy of a summer breeze.¬† Let go of your worries, let go of your stress even for just a few minutes and enjoy the peacefulness of a summer breeze. Produced by Dave & Pat Krajovic creators […]

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