Create Magic Moments Now: Create, Connect & Unite with Magic in Motion

Written by on February 23, 2024

Create Magic Moments Now: Create, Connect & Unite with Magic in Motion

Reading Magic Moments Now will teach you how to tap into your own personal synchronicity, which will lead you to exactly where you need to be. Do you want to find peace, happiness, and your soul’s mission? If you answered yes, then keep reading and expand spiritually, emotionally, and Universally now.

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About the Author: Marybeth Rombach Nelson is a published author of Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, and Intuitive with a portfolio of 7 books. Her notable works include “One Universal Source & You,” “Manifest the Life You Want Today,” and “Learn How to Vibrate & Attune to Universal Source – Have the Life You Want Today.”

Among her works is the enchanting children’s book “An Irish Wish,” set in the magical landscape of Kilkenny, Ireland. This whimsical tale imparts the message that diverse friendships are special and love knows no borders, celebrating unique talents and backgrounds.

Her second children’s book, “Believe & Receive,” focuses on instilling positive thinking in children, emphasizing the magic that lies in believing. “Paths to Your Soul-Self” guides readers on a journey to realize their soul’s purpose, while “Opening Heaven’s Door” addresses overcoming the fear of death, sharing supernatural experiences tied to the soul’s departure from the body.

Marybeth’s literary contributions extend to “On Angels Wings – Angelic Interventions,” exploring the world of angels and guiding readers towards personal awakening. “Thank You God For Today” is a self-help book on domestic violence, offering encouragement to break free from abusive relationships and providing resources for women to regain personal power and peace.

Catch Marybeth on her radio show, “The Healing Soul,” airing on Body Mind Spirit Radio every 4th Monday of the month at 1 pm. Explore her insightful discussions on supernatural topics at the following link:

Body Mind Spirit Radio

The Healing Soul Show

For more content, watch Marybeth’s videos on YouTube: Marybeth’s YouTube Channel.

Grateful for each day since her near-death experience, Marybeth shares her wisdom on not fearing death and recounts various supernatural experiences that have expanded her intuitive abilities.

Marybeth’s latest children’s book, “An Irish Wish,” takes readers on a magical journey in Kilkenny, Ireland, featuring Bridget, an Irish fairy, and her magical friends. This story embodies the Irish wish of being accepted and loved just as you are.

Marybeth’s heritage ties back to Kilkenny, Ireland, with her 4th great-grandmother, Bridget Coakley. This book serves as a tribute to her late mother, Virginia, who took pride in her Irish roots.

Follow Marybeth’s travels across Michigan and beyond, where she conducts seminars, offers Reiki therapy, and provides intuitive readings to clients. Stay updated on her upcoming events via her events page:

Events Page

Today, Marybeth extends healing love to you.


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