In Touch Interviews with The Indigo Doors

Written by on May 2, 2017

In Touch Interviews with The Indigo Doors

Owners Brenda and Wendy will join to discuss their business The Indigo Doors, empowerment classes, enriching art classes, personal sessions, services, their location, what they have to offer and more. “At The Indigo Doors, we want you to feel like you are entering a space that feels like home.

Our mission is for you to leave differently then when you came. Whether its just feeling more relaxed and at peace or a full transformation, this space is special! We hope you will love it as much as we do.”



Brenda: I have extensive training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivation Interviewing, and Strength Based Solution Focused Family and Couples Therapy. Combined with these interventions, I genuinely believe therapy, when embraced or practiced, can help improve our quality of life. Knowing how to interact with other’s in healthy ways combined with the insight gained in doing this work on myself, with my family, and friends has helped me grow in ways that would not have been possible without learning the skills and knowledge taught in this profession. I have a genuine love for all people and feel compassion for all their experiences. I feel the unique greatness within each person, couple, or family combined with learning appropriate therapeutic interventions like processing experiences to gain insight and dedication can help them grow or change in positive ways and improve their overall mental health.

Wendy: I actually began my education in Physics. I never really thought about doing art. I was naturally good at math and science and feel comfortable within the cultures of these belief systems. So, I followed that path for a while, but something was missing for me. I picked up a pencil one day and started drawing faces and I felt something. I felt spirit. I was 2 semesters away from a Bachelor in Science and I switched majors to Art and transferred to Wayne State University. There, I learned the traditional methods of painting and fell in love. I loved how I was able to create matter, illusionary form and how it created an emotional response. I created many paintings and each time felt spirit flow through me. I loved using these tools in this way. This process of using art spiritually brought me to new heights emotionally and spiritually.

Soon after my degree I got a job as a teacher, taught publicly and privately and loved sharing my knowledge with people. Teaching people how to create art was always about building confidence and empowering their own personal voice. It became clear to me that this process was so much more than painting and teaching. I opened up 3 studios throughout Metro Detroit under the premise of having fun but it wasn’t enough for me. This led me to open this healing center with my sister.

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