Beautiful Earth with Barbra White and Amy Jo Goddard

Written by on November 28, 2017

Beautiful Earth with Barbra White.

Celebrating the Great Mother through dynamic explorations around embodiment, natures gifts, sexuality, food and emotional awareness.

Topic: This month we host sexual empowerment coach and best selling author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for men Amy Jo Goddard.

Amy Jo Goddard

The most common question I hear is “How did you get into this work?” Since helping people with their sexuality isn’t your everyday occupation, people are often curious about it. My work as a sexual empowerment expert has spanned over 20 years and came directly out of my feminist work to empower women in their bodies, relationships and in the world. It came out of my own history of not having the resources and guides I truly needed when I was grappling with difficult things about my sexuality. I know this is a very common human dilemma.
We all need guides. I went on to find many mentors in my life who I’ve learned from and who have championed me to become the best version of myself I can be. And I, in turn, offer that mentorship to the people I help.

I’m a California-New York hybrid with a passion for passion. I’m here to live full-out, and to explore the depths. It’s my Scorpio nature.

Sexuality is so vast. I believe it is the core of who we are. When it’s wonky, it impacts everything in our lives: work, creativity, relationships, money. All things suffer when we are not in right relationship with the most intimate part of ourselves.

And when we are in right relationship with it, everything opens up. Our sexuality is such an expansive part of who we are that when we expand our relationship to it, it helps us to be bigger, not just in the bedroom, but in the whole of our lives.

Amy Jo Goddard

I do not believe any of us are broken. We might be hurt. We might have been abandoned or abused. We may have had some traumatic experiences in our lives. We may feel really disconnected from our body and our desire. But we are whole and sometimes we are searching for the parts that maybe got lost along the way.

I have had thousands of conversations with people about sexuality. Personal conversations where the most tender parts of people are revealed. It’s such an honor to receive those precious revelations and the trust of a person who shares their personal story. We all have a sexual story—and I think most people want to know its depths.

What I hear over and over is that people want freedom, vibrancy, and to live life more fully and with more pleasure—they know these things will come from breaking through in their sexuality. I know this to be true because I’ve had the joy of witnessing it so many times in my life’s work.

The women who come to me tend to be creative people on a spiritual path—they know that breaking through sexually is the obvious next step in their evolution as fully self-actualized people.

I co-wrote the best-selling Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men (although I think more women have read it than men), now available in a second edition. This book shifts the perspective on sex away from the myopic lens that gets most people stuck and opens up new possibilities for how to approach sex, women’s bodies and pleasure.

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