#5 – The everlasting greatness of the Ascended Masters

Richard Lawrence February 27, 2021

The Ascended Masters on Earth are not just serving us – they are saving us!

Without their presence, civilisation as we know it could not continue. It’s a bold claim; it’s a big claim, but Master of Yoga Dr. George King was adamant: if they left tonight, we would have only minutes.

So who are they?

The Ascended Masters are those men and women of great wisdom, compassion and spiritual power who have escaped the wheel of rebirth on Earth. They have graduated from this classroom of experience, but they have volunteered to come back and “climb back into the pit again” – in order to serve.

What have they sacrificed? They have given up the fruits of the glorious initiation that they have earned; they have given up life among the planets, with the freedom to travel freely throughout the Solar System and even the Galaxy; they have given up the ecstatic bliss of greater God-realization; and all to help us to evolve. This sacrifice, according to Mars Sector 6, is everlasting greatness.

Let’s be inspired by their example to live our lives in the best way we can, in service to others – because we too will all one day achieve the initiation of Ascension. It’s the birthright of every single one of us!

Catch the fifth episode of the Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence – as he shares fascinating insights into the world of the Ascended Masters on Earth!

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