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Aquarius Rising – Astrology Radio with Chrissie Blaze Airs on the first Tuesday every month from 12:00-12:30 p.m. Eastern time.  It is a place where we reflect on why we're here and on the mystery and infinity of the Cosmos. Chrissie will give an astrological overview of what's happening now and will reveal how to use the planets' influence and magical powers to unlock your limitless potential.  She will teach aspects of astrology and the spiritual sciences.

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Host Biography: Chrissie Blaze is an international lecturer, author of twelve published books, professional astrologer, and regular media guest. She has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television shows and conducts lectures and workshops on topics including astrology, the psychic and spiritual sciences, and UFOs. She is the first astrologer to discuss the influence of the Earth in astrology in her book: Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet


In September 2020 Blaze was interviewed by George Noory on the most listened-to paranormal radio show in the world, Coast to Coast AM. Her two-hour show, Earth and Astrology, brought global interest and was named, Best of Coast to Coast. She appeared on E! Entertainment TV for seven nights in a row discussing celebrity horoscopes. She was the host of On the Edge with Chrissie Blaze for several years and is now co-host of Body Mind Spirit’s Aetherius Radio Live with Richard Lawrence. Please contact her via her websites at and


Please visit this page to find out more about Chrissie’s personal experience of studying and working with a Spiritual Master of the wisdom and spiritual power of Dr. George King, Founder of The Aetherius Society for over 20 years:

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