Team Members

Chrissie Blaze is an international lecturer, author of twelve published books, professional astrologer, and regular media guest. She has been interviewed on hundreds of radio and television shows and conducts lectures and workshops on topics including astrology, the psychic and spiritual sciences, and UFOs. She is the first astrologer to discuss the influence of the Earth in astrology in her book: Earth: Astrology’s Missing Planet

Love Rules Co-Host a monthly show about the Rules to Love.’ Heart-centered conversation on what matters most to you.

Love Rules with your hosts’ on-air radio personality and Love and Well Being advocate Lisa Barry along with Penny Golden the founder of Body Mind Spirit Guide & Radio bringing you… the rules to Love.’ A heart-centered conversation on what matters most to you.

Darren Ball is the producer of The Spiritual Freedom Show, hosted by award-winning, international bestselling author Richard Lawrence.

International bestselling author and spiritual teacher, Richard Lawrence has appeared on radio, TV, and in the press around the world thousands of times

Mary Singer Albertson, Radio Show Host and Volunteer Lobbyist at RESULTS!

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