The Spiritual Freedom Show – Episodes #58-61

Richard Lawrence August 6, 2022

In this month’s compilation of the Spiritual Freedom Show:

#58 Can you enter Cosmic Consciousness in this life?
#59 Ascension is much more difficult than Cosmic Consciousness – an insight by Dr. George King
#60 Detachment is the essence of Adeptship
#61 The great test – even for an adept


Join international bestselling author Richard Lawrence to discover the wisdom of The Nine Freedoms and what you can do to apply it in your quest to change the world and open the door of enlightenment. Richard has appeared on hundreds of radio shows around the world and is the author of 11 books including Contacts With The Gods From Space, and Realize Your Inner Potential, both of which he co-authored with Master of Yoga Dr. George King – his spiritual master.

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