#23 – A staggering historic change to the ancient wisdom

Richard Lawrence November 20, 2021

In this episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show, Richard talks about a massive change that was made to the ancient wisdom we have followed on Earth for thousands of years.

This change was so significant that it staggered Master of Yoga Dr. George King when he heard it. Even to the likes of a Master of his calibre, it was historic!

This revolutionary new teaching affects everything we think and everything we do. And, if we allow its implications to sink into our consciousness, it’ll change our whole approach to life.

So, what is this change anyway?

In the Seventh Freedom, Mars Sector 6 gives us a new interpretation of the mystical name for God.

The key word now is: transmutation.

In alchemy, transmutation is the process of changing base metals into gold. It is about changing the nature of something into something higher.

In the New Age, transmutation is about something far more important than precious metals – it is about raising the consciousness of the whole world.

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