Barbra White interviews Dr. Will Meecham joins to discuss MindfulBiology™

Written by on March 28, 2017

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Topic/ Guest: Dr. Will Meecham joins to discuss MindfulBiology™ enhances familiarity with our own human bodies. It combines guided mindfulness with concise and—when possible—visually compelling explanations of life science, so that inner sensations can be mapped to the body’s processes and structures. Where feasible, MindfulBiology also incorporates movement practices that deepen our felt experience as living beings.


helps people enjoy the human body with compassion, tenderness, and awe. Using a method called Mindful Biology, he combines guided mindfulness with colorful depictions of anatomy to lead participants on sensory tours of the natural landscapes within their own bodies.

After a severely arthritic neck forced him to leave his surgical practice at age 41, Will suffered a personal crisis and began experiencing transcendent visions. He devoted many years to reading, contemplation, and meditation in order to reconcile his visionary experiences with his scientific training.

Dr. Will Meecham

Will’s spiritual transformation had its roots in a traumatic upbringing that included parental divorce at age four, maternal suicide at age six, and severe child abuse thereafter. While growing up, Will found refuge from domestic chaos in the beaches and mountains near his family’s home. Then, during a solo trek of the 211-mile John Muir Trail at age sixteen, he connected with the sacredness of Nature. He returned from that journey committed to learning how life works. Will went on to study ecology, neuroscience, and biophysics as an undergraduate and graduate student before enrolling in medical school.

As Will came to terms with the loss of his surgical career, he again found solace in his love of living things. After working in environmental health and complementary medicine, he began teaching anatomy and physiology at a yoga institute. While explaining human biology to aspiring yoga teachers and yoga therapists, he found ways of using accurate science to encourage body-amazement and self-understanding. Before long, Will recognized his true calling: revealing the grandeur and sweetness of Nature within our own bodies. He soon began teaching Mindful Biology at College of Marin and other Northern California venues.
Will lives at the edge of San Francisco Bay with his wife and two dogs, where he feels intimately connected to the adjacent marshland. He can sometimes be found there in the hours before dawn, striding in silent ecstasy.

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