Barbra White Interviews Life Coach Diane Kasunic, HeartMath Certified Coach and Mentor

July 17, 2018 | Posted in Featured Guest, InTouch Interviews

Barbra White Interviews Life Coach Diane Kasunic, HeartMath Certified Coach and Mentor

Studies conducted with over 11,500 people have shown improvements in mental & emotional well-being in just 6-9 weeks using HeartMath training and technology, find out more in this episode of InTouch InterViews

Our guest is Diane Kasunic is a Reiki Master and doctor of educational sociology and has worked with many corporations and in academia as a college professor of business management and leadership.  She has owned and operated multiple businesses, including a franchise. She does volunteer work regularly and has worked with many senior centers and substance rehabilitation facilities.  Dr. Kasunic is currently a Life Coach and Mentor, Certified by HeartMath providing services to individuals, groups, and organizations; and the Davenport University adjunct faculty.  Meet her at the Body, Mind and Spirit Festival on September 8 at Unity of Farmington and the Body, Mind, and Spirit Festival at Unity of Livonia on October 6th

Airtime July 23 at 11 a.m.

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Divine Heart Radio with Psychic Daniel James

July 12, 2018 | Posted in Divine Heart Radio

Divine Heart Radio with Psychic Daniel James every Friday from 7-8 p.m. Tune in to multi-faceted psychic and healer Daniel James for a greater understanding of the psychic world, advise on love, money and what your future holds, Daniel welcomes calls during the show.

SPECIAL GUEST: Jacklyn Miller is a professional counselor specializing with a focus in both substance abuse treatment as well as adult & children’s mental health. She enjoys alternative methods of relating to clients using such methods as art therapy, mandala drawings, guided meditations and play therapy. Jacklyn draws from her personal and wide array of life experiences. These life events have ranged from childhood traumas & chronic pain to severe health issues. Yet, all have inspired her to find healing, faith & courage.  In her spare time, Jacklyn enjoys playing the violin, painting, and playing with children or animals. Above all else, she is proud to wear her heart on her sleeve & be a witness of miracles so that she may touch lives with empathy and authentically.

AIRTIME: Friday 7/13 at 7-8 p.m.

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