Richard Lawrence

Richard Lawrence

SHOW: Aetherius Radio Live

 TIME:  3rd Tuesday of every month at 1pm Eastern Time, 10am Pacific Time and 6pm UK Time.

HOST: Co-hosted by international broadcasters and authors, Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze. Discover the Cosmic Message for this Age revealed through legendary Master of Yoga and world-renowned medium, Dr George King, between 1954 and 1997. Listen live as they bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. Wonderful topics each month such as, The Nine Freedoms, Ascended Master, The Twelve Blessings and more!


Chrissie Blaze

CONNECT: The Aetherius Society is an international spiritual organization dedicated to spreading, and acting upon, the teachings of advanced extraterrestrial intelligence’s… read more

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