#19 – Service is Love in practical action

Richard Lawrence September 18, 2021

Enlightenment is much harder to attain than many people realize, but also much greater than any of us can really imagine… It is a state far deeper, and more mystical, than basic peace of mind. It is true peace.

In true meditation, you experience a deep state of oneness.

You know that all things are part of a vast, interrelated cosmic whole.

Love becomes more than an emotion. It becomes something universal, impersonal and unconditional. Putting this into action is what service to others is really about.

But even if you haven’t experienced this awesome mystical state, any decent person can see that service is the right thing to do. Think about the compassion that motivates you to help others in need. It’s as natural as your right hand working together with your left hand to help your whole being.

The more we demonstrate this love we feel for others, through service, the more we will reinforce this dawning realization of oneness within ourselves.

In this podcast episode Richard talks about love, service and spiritual development. What can we do to help others? How does selfless service help us to awaken our higher chakras?

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