In Touch with Twin Souls

Written by on December 5, 2013

Have you ever wondered why it is that we all have this yearning to find “the One”, our “other half”, the “perfect partner”? Do you suppose it is because deep inside we remember being so completely loved that we long to have that feeling again? No one has ever said we even had a perfect partner. The idea seems to be ingrained within us, crossing the boundaries of race, country and religion. The concept is old. Twin souls, soul mates have been around for eons. In the east they symbolize this union in the yin/yang symbol, in Tibet they symbolize the two as shiva and shakti, male and female joined together to create the whole. Today on InTouch Interviews, authors Deborah Stefaniak and Maurie Pressman M. D. come together to share their knowledge (intimate and professional) on the topic of Twin Souls. Join this thought provoking discussion LIVE by calling 646-378-0378.

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