We Get Results with Mary Singer Albertson on Child Safety 01/23/2021

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Date: January 23, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm


The program today is a recording of a webinar from Child Safe Michigan on Jan.21, 2021,  to inform listeners how they can become a mentor and why it is so important. 

This is Mentoring Month and we want to help foster youth who need an adult they can trust and count on. There are stories and information from mentors including me. There are staff members you can contact for more information if you are considering becoming a mentor.  Mentoring is my joy! Join me!

Child Safe Michigan is an excellent organization, and you will get any assistance that you would ever want.

 I have been on the Board of Directors for 15 years.

Call Tiffany 248-837-2073. Email tmullinax@childsafemichigan.org.

AIRTIME:  1:00 – 2:00pm SHOW: We Get Results with Mary Singer Albertson on Covid Relief Needed Right Now!



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