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Written by on November 18, 2014

Aetherius Radio Live 1-2p.m. Aetherius Society members, Richard Lawrence and Chrissie Blaze bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. This month’s topic: A continuation of The Nine Freedoms: Solar Existence.

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  1. Paul   On   December 21, 2014 at 8:20 am

    The Lesser Planetary Lords, working around the Solar Logos, constitute one of the ”hundreds of Mighty Sun’s” within this Galaxy.

    The Solar Logos is a Male, Creative Solar Lord and from the Solar Logos are sent the Major Prana’s.

    The Spiritual Sun’s, or Female, Preservative, Solar Lord, constitutes one of the ”dozens of Great and Mighty Invisible Sun’s” spoken about by the Master Jesus in the Twelve Blessings. These are the Supreme Lords of Karma who issue the Great female, Preservative Prana’s.

    The Central Sun of the Milky Way Galaxy is a Greater Lord of Creation manifesting Itself as a Neuter, Transmutive Galactic Lord. This is the One around which the ”Great and Mighty invisible Sun’s”, or Supreme Lord’s of Karma, and Solar Logi, look towards as Their Great Teacher.

    The Supreme Lord’s of Creation, who work as the Seven round the One,
    ”are the Great and Mighty Energies which course through each Galactic System” or in other words from These come the Second and Third Degree Creative Forces which course through the Central Sun’s, or Great Galactic Lords, and from there, course through the Supreme Lords of Karma – as the Preservative Minor Prana’s and through the Solar Logi – as the Creative Major Prana’s. In Their Higher Aspects the Supreme Lord’s of Creation also use the Initial Creative Force upon the Plane of Transmutation – which is the Potential.

    It would be a wonderful aid to Meditation – Contemplation – and Concentration – to create a painting, or some kind of picturisation, if that’s possible, of this Cosmic Hierarchical Structure. If nothing else it would make us all extremely humble!

    That’s the nearest I’ve got to the mystery! I’m not 100% sure it’s correct but it’s getting there I think. Any replies to support or refute these assertions would be much appreciated as I’m happy to refine the concept.

  2. Paul   On   December 19, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    ”So They join to help throughout the Mighty Galactic system; aye, and even beyond stretches Their influence….”

    The combined Lords of the Sun, I believe, are not even limited to the Sun of our Solar System but are free to work throughout the Galaxy, and beyond, in various Aspects.

    Some of Perfects of Saturn, for example are, I believe, Aspects of a Lesser Planetary Lord. I’m sure They also inhabit other world and stars where They can be of Service and that They are not limited to the Sun of our Solar System.

  3. Paul   On   December 17, 2014 at 11:03 am

    White Eagle, ”You come from the Sun, the source of Light and happiness for all humanity, Love; and to the Sun you all return, but in Full Consciousness of the powers which your Father-Mother God gave you at your birth from the Great Heart, the Cosmic Heart, the centre of Love, Wisdom and Power.”

    Mars Sector 6, ”So They join to help throughout the mighty Galactic System; aye, and even beyond stretches Their influence, Their help, Their guidance, Their heat, Their radiations, Their Power, Their Wisdom and Their Love.”

    It’s interesting to note that Dr. King saw fit to Capitalise the last three qualities: Power, Wisdom and Love.

  4. Paul   On   December 17, 2014 at 10:51 am

    White Eagle, ”For the ancient belief is that behind the physical Sun which you see in the heavens is the Spiritual Radiation, the Spiritual Life-Force, which feeds and sustains all life on Earth. It is this Spiritual counterpart of the Sun which we in the ‘spirit’ world worship as the Cosmic Christ! But the Cosmic Christ is not only a radiation, a power unseen and too often unfelt: it has form – a human form. We do not say that the whole radiation of the spiritual emanation from the Sun can be confined to one human form; we say that it can manifest in great power through a perfectly beautiful human form.”

  5. Paul   On   December 17, 2014 at 10:43 am

    White Eagle once said, ”It is not easy for you to associate the Cosmic Christ with the Sun in the skies, although you regard the Sun as the source of the warmth and Light without which there could be no life on Earth. At Easter time, when the great Sun pours forth its rays upon the northern hemisphere, all life begins to stir. Most of the early spring flowers in the northern hemisphere take upon themselves the colour of the Sun. Have you ever noticed that so many of the spring flowers which push through Mother Earth at Easter time, the daffodil, the hyacinth and many others, manifest the symbol of the six-pointed star? They have six petals; and deep within the flower you will see yet another little star in many of them. Just examine your spring flowers and you will see there the message of the arisen Christ, for the six-pointed star is the symbol of man and God united. Does not this Sun-colour stimulate your intellect and warm your heart? Your hearts leap when you see the little golden flowers raising their heads from the dark Earth and turning their faces to the Sun; for all nature is stirring and rising to glorify the Creator. Have you ever thought of the warmth of the heart of God, the heart of your Creator?”

  6. Paul   On   December 17, 2014 at 6:58 am

    ”For we are told that we know not what Love be until we enter the gates of the Sun in lasting Service for all.”

    This is a particularly interesting phrase. We know that this Earth has four main ‘gates’ which lead to the Holy Shrine of the Logos. Upon the Sun they too may have a certain number of ‘gates’ which lead to the Shrine of the Solar Logos. It is only when we are advanced enough to be allowed to enter these gates that we will then know more about this mysterious Energy called Love than we ever did before.

  7. Leonor Cadete   On   November 21, 2014 at 6:39 am

    Dear Penny,

    Possible to correct the brief outline for the October and November 2014 programmes of “Aetherius Radio Live”?
    The “Ascended Masters” topic, with Chrissie Blaze and Alyson Lawrence, appertains to the October programme, not November; and in November the programme focuses on the Ninth Freedom – SOLAR EXISTENCE, with Richard Lawrence and the Chrissie Blaze.

    Many thanks!

  8. Leonor Cadete   On   November 20, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Dear Penny,

    Possible to correct the brief outline for the October and November programes of “Aetherius Radio Live” (Ascended Masters in October, with CB and Alyson Lawrence; in November: the Ninth Freedom – SOLAR EXISTENCE, with RL and CB) ?

    Many thanks!

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