#24 – We evolve collectively not individually

Richard Lawrence December 4, 2021

In the past, it was common for spiritual seekers to detach from the world around them in search of God-realization.

Even today, it would be easy to think that “being spiritual” was about going within for the sake of our own inner peace and personal development. But is that what it’s really about?

In the Nine Freedoms, Mars Sector 6 completely changes our understanding of what it means to be spiritual.

The ancient wisdom said that we could each go within and amalgamate with God again, leaving everything else behind. This was called transmigration.

The New Age wisdom of The Nine Freedoms says that no one – nothing, not even a Galaxy – can go back to God until all that there is goes back to God together with it. It has be done collectively. This process of collective evolution is called transmutation.

It’s no wonder that selfless service is the greatest thing any of us can do!

“Being spiritual” is about putting this wisdom into practice – by helping the whole rather than just helping ourselves.

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