#20 – The greater you are, the more active you are

Richard Lawrence October 2, 2021

What would you consider the hallmark of a great spiritual person?

Wisdom? Compassion? Humility? Spiritual Powers?

When the Master Aetherius described the greatest Master on the surface of the planet – the Lord Babaji – the word he chose was: active.

In this day and age, being active in service is a measure of true greatness.

One way that this is exemplified in The Nine Freedoms is in the example of beings who live on higher planes of existence on Saturn.

They are able to split their consciousness into 1,860 apparently individual parts, spread throughout the galaxy, in order to better help all life to evolve spiritually…!

We can all aspire to some reflection of their greatness here on Earth by being as active as we possibly can in our own service. And the more we do that, the more we will attune ourselves with these great beings and their outstanding spirituality.

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