#10 – Beyond Nirvana

Richard Lawrence May 1, 2021

For centuries people believed that Nirvana was the ultimate state; the final destination; a complete amalgamation with the Divine Source.

But, in the Sixth Freedom, Mars Sector 6 reveals to us a completely new vista of spiritual evolution. He gives us a glimpse into the world of the ageless Ascended Masters on Earth and even life on other planets.

There are many confusing ideas about Ascension today, specifically what it is and what we need to do to achieve this outstanding Initiation ourselves.

Mars Sector 6 answers both of these questions for us, revealing a most hopeful truth: this Initiation is the birthright of us all.

When this happens, is up to us. The secret of Ascension is not to retreat from experience, or surrender to it, but to master it!

Catch the tenth episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence as he explores the stage beyond Nirvana, hidden from us for centuries, and what we must do to achieve it.

Don’t miss:

  • A priceless, first-hand description given by Master of Yoga Dr. George King of the physical state you will experience when you enter into Cosmic Consciousness
  • The identities of various people that you may not have guessed were Ascended Masters
  • What you can do to jumpstart your spiritual journey again if you feel like you have fallen away from the path
  • Katie’s soul-searching journey: from her earliest psychic experiences as a child, to finding The Twelve Blessings and the spiritual path of King Yoga in later life
  • An inspired contemplation on the awe-inspiring greatness of creation with a closing prayer from The Twelve Blessings, led by Dave Capraro, a Priest in the Aetherius Churches

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