#6 – Two keys to overcoming fear

Richard Lawrence March 6, 2021

Whatever problems we might face in life, it’s not fear that’s going to help us deal with them – it’s enlightenment.

When faced with a potentially dangerous situation, we need to recognize the risks and act responsibly, but not live in fear.

Once we recognize a fear, we can start to rid ourselves of it. Mantra, prayer, deep breathing, and Service to others, will all help to cultivate an inner strength and clarity of mind so that we can begin to transmute these “fear-shackles” that keep us from expressing the Divine perfection within us.

And we can all do this!

Catch the sixth episode of the Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence – as he explores the blueprint we have been given by Mars Sector 6 for transmuting fear!

Don’t miss:

  • Two keys you can use to begin to rise above fear in your life
  • What are samskaras and how can we transmute them?
  • What is your true self?
  • Lisa Rosser’s “Moment of Truth” – leaving your comfort zone in the pursuit of truth
  • A prayer, led by Mark Bennett, to help you attain the clarity of mind that is so valuable on the spiritual path

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