#2 – Service is greatness

Richard Lawrence February 6, 2021

Who would you consider more spiritual? An atheist with the courage to leave home and serve others suffering in terrible poverty, or a devoted yogi secluded in the Himalayas in pursuit of their own enlightenment – and only their own enlightenment?

At one time it was normal for the most committed of spiritual seekers to break away from humanity and pursue their own enlightenment without due regard for the suffering of others. Not that it didn’t take an outstanding person to do this. It did. But was it completely right?

Even today there is still the feeling that you could enlighten yourself first with the intention of serving others later. But given our situation on Earth, can we really afford to wait?

The old approach of spirituality being about yourself, your own enlightenment, and your own communion with God, purely for its own sake – will no longer work. We should all go within at times, but with the overriding motive of using this experience to help us serve others. That’s the big change! That’s the message of Mars Sector 6 in The Third Freedom.

The beauty of it is that when you serve others and spend the time to go within, you can serve far more than ever before – and advance faster too.

In short, spiritual self-development is vital, but service comes first, not second.

Catch the second episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show with Richard Lawrence as he explores the revolutionary message of Mars Sector 6 to help you find a balance between service and self-development in your life.

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