#25 – The Great Ones transmute mind and matter

Richard Lawrence December 18, 2021

Ascension is where we are all headed. It is our destiny on Earth.

An Ascended Master doesn’t just have control over mind, but matter too. That’s the key to spiritual evolution – and the reason we’re all here.

One of the most famous examples of Ascension is the Master Jesus.

After he died on the cross, the Master Jesus was able to consciously split up the matter of his physical body and transmute it into a body of much finer physical material – one which he could use to inhabit whatever realm of existence on Earth that he wished.

This concept of transmuting matter goes much further even than the alchemists of old. The alchemists were concerned with turning lead into gold; realizing their own Divine nature, but as individuals. This was the age-old wisdom of transmigration.

In the New Age wisdom of Mars Sector 6, transmutation is an all-encompassing evolutionary process in which we are responsible for raising all life – all thought and all matter – through the different levels of existence, back to the Divine.

And we don’t have to wait until Ascension to start applying this New Age wisdom ourselves! What can you do to be more in tune with the wisdom of the cosmos as a whole?

Explore this profound cosmic wisdom together with your host, international bestselling author Richard Lawrence, in another episode of The Spiritual Freedom Show.

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