#18 – The psychic and intuitive roadmap to Enlightenment

Richard Lawrence September 4, 2021

Enlightenment is much harder to attain than many people realize, but also much greater than any of us can really imagine… It is a state far deeper, and more mystical, than basic peace of mind. It is true peace.

In the Fourth Freedom, Mars Sector 6 tells us what we can do to open the door of Enlightenment in our lives – revolutionizing teachings that have been in vogue for thousands of years.

In the previous show Richard talked about the physical and mental aspects of this roadmap to Enlightenment. In this episode, Richard talks about the psychic and intuitive aspects of this journey.

How can we best develop and apply our psychic abilities in our journey to Enlightenment? How can our intuition help us to navigate the trials that will face us along the way? Is meditation still the best way to spend our time if we want to achieve this goal?

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– Join Alyson Lawrence in an ancient, once-secret, mystical practice given to a public audience in London by the Master Aetherius

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