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Written by on September 24, 2015

Radio Nahmaste challenges traditional descriptions of what it means to be spiritual, conscious and enlightened. The idea that it is possible to channel Mother Theresa during a traffic jam is not impossible and will be validated; right along with promoting ways to find balance while living life on this planet and managing the daily routine as a Transdimensional Super Hero. You’re not alone. Host Sarah Nash A.K.A. “The Blue Collar Goddess” will always honor the crazy in you, whether or not you honor the crazy in her. Tune in on the second and last Thursday of each month at 7pm EST.


Robert Schwartz

Before you were born, you yourself planned the specific experiences, relationships, and challenges you have had or now have in your life.
Why did you choose the people who are in your life?
Why did you plan your most difficult challenges?
How can we heal?

About Robert Schwartz: For a very long time, and well before I wrote Your Soul’s Plan, I had been searching, fruitlessly, for the deeper meaning of my life.

Robert has closely worked with several mediums and channels exploring the pre-birth plans of many, many people. He learned that the events in their lives are neither random nor arbitrary, but rather part of a wisely conceived and intricate plan—a plan they themselves bravely designed. You might hear the motivations of your soul in the story of someone whose life is, at least on the surface, very different from your own. Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift offers the life stories and pre-birth plans of twenty-two courageous souls.your-souls-plan-333

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