Adriannas Mystic Connections

Written by on March 31, 2014

ADRIANNA’S MYSTIC CONNECTIONS! Gifted angel reader, Adrianna takes calls for guidance and counsel from the angels.

QUESTION FOR THIS EPISODE: How have you responded to life with Gratitude?


MORE: Kristen Ann: Kristen was born in the Midwest in the mid-1950s. Her life was an unusual one from the start. She always had a sense of deeper levels to life and began researching spirituality and metaphysics starting back in the early 1960s before it became popular. Perhaps it was this interest that brought unusual experiences and constant “coincidences” or synchronicities into her life. These events are too numerous to go into here but the many experiences along with the key informed people that were brought into Kristen’s life are detailed in her book because of the information they disclose.
She had a near-death experience as a child and began a little private “library” of spiritual and metaphysical books not long after that in the mid-1960s. In 1970 she learned Transcendental Meditation which opened a strong intuitive ability. Then in the mid ’70s she studied the profound clairvoyant Rudolf Steiner.  Her two-year formal studies of Steiner and Anthroposophy were greatly enhanced by having Werner Glas as a professor. Werner also had a profound level of clairvoyance and his classes were fascinating and gave an in-depth understanding of all aspects of life from deeper spiritual perspectives. These also included the Akasha.

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