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Written by on March 27, 2017

Accident Angels: Injury Consultants.

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Group Launches to Fight for Fair Auto Insurance Reforms, Lower Rates in Detroit

Detroit – Neighborhood leaders, pastors and community advocates gathered at Salem Memorial Lutheran Church in Detroit’s Cornerstone Village neighborhood today to launch the Detroit Alliance for Fair Auto Insurance. The organization will educate Detroit residents about Michigan’s auto insurance system and empower them to be advocates for fair auto insurance reforms at the state capitol.

“Detroit pays the highest insurance premiums in the country and it has to stop,” said Darell Reed, pastor at Spirit of Love Church on Detroit’s east side, who helped launch the new organization. “We have insurance companies charging Detroiters $5,000 a year for a policy and then the same driver can move just outside the city border and have their rates cut in half. If that’s not redlining then I don’t know what is.”

Reed also called out insurance company practices like using credit scores and other non-driving factors to charge higher rates as unfairly harming Detroiters.

“Credit scores have absolutely nothing to do with how good of a driver you are. You could be a low-income Detroit resident with a perfect driving record but still be charged more than someone in the suburbs with several accidents on their record but a perfect credit score,” said Reed. “The only ones who don’t see the injustice in that are insurance companies.”

While seeking to end insurance company practices that unfairly target Detroiters, the Detroit Alliance for Fair Auto Insurance also wants to stand up for accident victims.

“When you are injured in an accident, the only thing that matters is getting better,” said Saundra Gay, a longtime Detroit resident who was paralyzed in a rollover accident in 2000. “I’m alive today and able to be a productive member of society because of the care and support provided by Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance coverage. It’s critical that lawmakers in Lansing do everything they can to reduce rates while ensuring accident victims get the care they need.”

Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones said she is committed to working with Detroit’s representatives in Lansing to find fair and balanced solutions.

“I pledge that I will be in constant contact with our Detroit delegation to make sure they know that this isn’t a one or the other situation. We need reforms that both lower costs for Detroit drivers while also giving accident victims that care they need,” said Jones.

The Detroit Alliance for Fair Auto Insurance will be holding a series of town hall discussions across the city in May to talk to residents about their auto insurance policies, discuss possible solutions for lowering auto insurance rates and educate residents about how to reach out to state lawmakers to advocate for reforms that benefit drivers and not just big insurance companies.

Town hall meeting dates and times will be posted to the website and the organization’s Facebook page

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