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Written by on February 23, 2017

Accident Angels: Injury Consultants.

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Auto No Fault Reform remains a high priority for the House Republican Caucus as it is included again in the caucus action plan  –  2017-2018 House Republican Action Plan, “The Best Way Forward, Common-sense Leadership for the People of Michigan.” (see attached and on page 3). No specific recommendations  are spelled out to get to affordable rates, but when messaging it that way, it tends to narrow certain strategies and opportunities,  as no “tinkering” with the system gets you significant premium reduction.  This was somewhat confirmed by a meeting I had last Friday afternoon with the Speaker’s Senior Policy Advisor, and both Legislative and Deputy Legislative Directors. They did not think anything was going to happen in the very near future but did indicate that House Insurance Committee Chair Theis was being methodical in her approach to various reforms.  She  personally remains convinced at this time to address the subject matter more incrementally because of the complexity of the issue and perhaps due to  the possible undesirous position of pressuring  insurance companies to actually reduce their premiums.

Last week, we also met with House Democratic Leader Sam Singh who will push for a comprehensive  package and also thought the threat of D- Insurance promoted by Mayor Duggan would not ultimately get thru the House. Leader Singh’s meeting with Mayor Duggan was not any more promising than when CPAN met with the Mayor and his staff two years ago. D- Insurance, or perhaps more likely a statewide PIP proposal might become more attractive to some but with the uncertainty of the ACA, the promise that folks would still   have health care coverage thru the ACA or thru Healthy Michigan (Medicaid Expansion) weakens the proposal. However,  last night, without giving specifics, the Mayor did end his State of the City Address with the need for ANF reform.  While saying he wants to cut costs, he also alluded to the State of Ohio which has a tort system. This is not the first time the Mayor has mentioned the possibility of supporting efforts to go back to tort where you will need to sue the negligent driver for medical expenses, etc.  Mark Bernstein’s presence at the event was not by accident.

Duggan to House: Slash auto insurance, not tax rates

Crain’s Detroit Business

Duggan’s “D-Insurance” proposal suffered the same fate of numerous other attempts to reform Michigan’s nofault auto insurance coverage and died in …

This past Monday, I met with Rep. Tim Greimel who has now been appointed the House Insurance Committee Minority Vice Chair.  Rep. Greimel is open to our reform agenda and also believes that a bigger more comprehensive approach is the only way you will get the kind of issues address for patients, providers and drivers.  We also discussed a weekly meeting with his committee members and policy staff, or as often as needed, to keep in concert with the various issues being discussed.

Meetings are now being requested with Speaker Leonard and Committee Chair Theis to discuss the reform agenda.  This morning, Rep. Theis indicated that she was still working thru the various issues of insurance which also includes non ANF matters. We will also share our agenda in a timely fashion with our supportive lawmakers (CPAN Legislative Champions) and new members that have expressed a willingness for balanced reform, prior to pushing it out to a broader audience.

While CPAN has finished its scheduled morning briefings with House Republican Freshman, we are providing three ring binders with information coming into each legislative office on a weekly basis. We again sent out the information on our Transparency Case against the MCCA as the Insurance Institute of MI was scheduling a MCCA 101 Briefing for new members.

On March 2, George Sinas  and I will be meeting with Chair Lana Theis along with the Michigan Auto Insurance Placement Facility to discuss the ACP claims process. This remains a top priority for Chairperson Theis and likely the first ANF issue she will tackle later this winter/spring.

Yesterday, I was in a meeting with U.S. Senator Gary Peters along with a number of insurance interests. The topic of autonomous vehicles and how the Feds and state’s  will address its impact to accidents, injuries, liability and equally significant job displacement or realignment was a fascinating discussion.  Senator Peters stated the obvious,  that technology is well ahead of  state and federal regulations, which will take a long time to catch up to the emerging technology advances.

If anyone did not see the article that appeared in this past Sunday’s edition of the DFP, please take the time to read it. The House Insurance Committee will be having a hearing on the impact of autonomous vehicles in the near future

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