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 Welcome everyone to my show!  I am Tanna Alonza, an internationally respected psychic who has decided to bring her talents and guidance to the audience through Body Mind Spirit Radio!  Please visit my SHOW PAGE @ www.bodymindspiritRADIO.com and ask me ANYTHING and I do mean anything cause I want to blow your mind with what Spirit has to share.  It don’t matter where you beem it matters where you are going and I want to help you see that path, the path of a happier, healthier more prosperous life that is right there waiting for you.  I will be LIVE the first Friday of every month 7-8pm EST and the call in number to speak to me during the LIVE show is 646-378-0378.  For this first program, tune in and meet some of the people who are special in MY life, those who help me bring the Messages of Spirit to YOU!  Oh yes and my website is www.tannaalonza.com


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