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Written by on November 12, 2015

Radio Nahmaste- 2nd & 4th Thursday Monthly. 7-8 p.m. EST. Radio Nahmaste challenges traditional descriptions of what it means to be spiritual, conscious and enlightened. The idea that it is possible to channel Mother Theresa during a traffic jam is not impossible and will be validated; right along with promoting ways to find balance while living life on this planet and managing the daily routine as a Transdimensional Super Hero.

You’re not alone. Host Sarah Nash A.K.A. “The Blue Collar Goddess” will always honor the crazy in you, whether or not you honor the crazy in her. Tune in on the second and last Thursday of each month at 7pm EST

Stones-201505-HiResAlchemy-20140717a-smallArtist and Author, Peter Messerschmidt talks about his creative path with Alchemy Stones, “I started drawing patterns when I was very small, maybe five or six years old. I would see stars, snowflakes and other natural patterns inside my head and would then try to draw them.
As I grew older, the patterns grew more complex. I was maybe nine or ten when my first crude attempts at free-hand geometric patterns saw the light of day. By the time I was thirteen, they had become fairly complex. I would draw them on paper with the finest point black marker I could get my hands on, and then give them to my mother to use as bookmarks, in her vast collection of cookbooks.
For the past 30+ years, I have added small versions of these intricate designs to greeting cards, envelopes and letters; sometimes they have just “appeared,” during quiet moments …”


Peter Messerschmidt

Peter Messerschmidt is a 55-year old Danish national, now living in Port Townsend, Washington, in the US Pacific Northwest. He was born and raised in Denmark, but also lived in Spain, the UK and about a dozen other places before coming to the US to attend University in 1981. Here in the US, his time has primarily been spent in/around the Austin, Texas area as well as Dallas, Phoenix, Portland, OR and most recently Port Townsend, since 2006. Peter is a respected contributing author in the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) community and his personal website can be found HERE:

Alchemy Stones can be found HERE:


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