SHOW: Prayer-Aid: Global Disaster Prayer

ABOUT: Prayers can bring hope and aid suffering. Join us to send love and prayers to those in need during Global Disasters.

TIME: Shows are scheduled when needed.

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HOST: Chrissie Blaze

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Prayer is the common language of all spiritual practices. It transcends words, language barriers, and different religious beliefs. Although 72 percent of Americans use prayer in some form in their daily lives, they are never really taught how to use it effectively. While most prayer is aimed at developing a personal relationship with God, the Power Prayer technique also helps readers tap into the energy of prayer and get in touch with their inner spirit.Power Prayer is a spiritual book that offers practical solutions to the problems we all face, offering prayers and meditations for:- Creating inner peace and healing in only a few minutes a day
– Increasing vitality and improving health and well-being
– Feeling more creative and inspired
– Dispelling worry and anxiousnessPower Prayer is the first book that shows readers how to use prayer as a practical tool that can be used to make a difference—whether in their own lives of the lives of others.

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