SHOW: Opening to Enlightenment

TIME:  Every month, 2nd Wednesday, 7-8 EST.

HOST:  Join Host, Nancy Lynn and gain information on different areas of spirituality. Have your questions answered, while receiving further insight on the subject of your interest. We will review questions received about spirituality from clients and students. If you have a question, please email and place “Radio inquiry” in the subject line. We may use your inquiry in a future show. Also find out what is currently happening at OTE (Opening to Enlightenment).

MORE: Her mission is to bring more love, expand positivity and Enlighten the world to spiritual change currently happening on this plane. With the belief in mind that we all have some level of psychic abilities, in 2014 she founded, Opening to Enlightenment (OTE). OTE is an organization whose philosophy begins with the power of education, helping those who seek to understand their lives from a deeper perspective; one that is spiritual and purposeful. Comprised of all types of psychics, mediums, healers and unique local merchants. OTE offers a wide variety of classes, workshops and Spirit festivals all year long. Be sure to visit their website for monthly classes and workshops. If dates do not work with your schedule, they offer private workshops for seven or more people based on your timing.

OFFERS: Nancy Lynn is a Medium. Whose spiritual concentration is centered on attunements that include present and past events and issues, not psychic predictions concerning future events.  Psychics predict the future, while Mediums assist with the condition of your soul. While every Medium is Psychic, not every Psychic is a Medium. Sometimes during a reading, information is presented from the future, which is necessary to address current issues.

At a heightened energy level, a connection is made psychically with your energy fields allowing information to be viewed and received. The connections are established between your spiritual guides, animal guides, or loved ones who have crossed. This spiritual and energy-guided reading gives a detailed and accurate form of life counseling, which provides you with tools to assist in your own personal growth. To assist you in understanding certain information or messages, you will be shown images, colors, objects, numbers, symbols and/or events that will help you to establish exactly who has come to provide you with a message. These items are shown to help you identify the presence of a person or spirit who will be used to serve you in managing your present situations. This manner of reading is called an “attunement” of your soul.

Sometimes a reading will address areas such as: Recurring life issues, Fears from former events, Nightmares, Health concerns, Specific topics for which you would like to receive clarity.

Nancy offers sessions in Auras, Dream Interpretation, Numerology, Past Lives, Spirit Guides and more. She also works in Spiritual Cards, and Events/Festivals.

To make an appointment or schedule a seat in a workshop call: 571-989-2408 or email

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