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TIME:  Every month, 4th Friday, 7-8 p.m. EST.

HOST: Lois Shulman, empowerment coach, facilitator and public speaker of Integrity in Action, LLC will interview with sensitivity, unconditional love and without judgement individuals who have chosen to exemplify the highest levels of ethical principles, sound moral character, and honesty.  Each month a featured guest will share their story. These interviews will give listeners an opportunity to feel the passion and emotion of the person being interviewed, as well as, inspire listeners to entertain a new perspective from which to expand their own understanding. When this occurs, we move beyond the limitations of our current thinking to heal and become more aware, awake, and expansive.

MORE: Her Mission – Empower others developing the ability to recognize and embrace their strengths, learn the practice of forgiveness and feel content.  Ultimately, to live fully empowered to give more to the world. Bring my passion for innovative and quality care to the people I serve. Lois currently owns Integrity In Action, LLC and as an empowerment coach is a workshop facilitator, and motivational speaker. Her background includes, Education, Case Management, Marketing, Health and Law fields, Community Service and much more!


Lois Shulman

OFFERS: Lois offers Classes, Empowerment Coaching, and Mediation. For more information on her services please contact her or visit her website.

Class Example: The Empowerment Within.
Those attending the class will have the opportunity to incorporate the teachings into a greater sense of self worth and motivation to create the life experience they want. Acceptance of personal empowerment is the path to peace and contentment.

An Empowerment Coach gives one the opportunity to realize and embrace their strengths while growing their confidence.

  • You will be listened to.
  • You will be heard.
  • You will be appreciated.
  • Your strengths will be recognized.
  • Your will receive the gift of gratitude for sharing your story.
  • You will receive confidentiality.

Mediation is an alternative to going to court. It is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process.   Mediation  is a communication process where two or more people in dispute have the opportunity to be heard, share different points of view, brainstorm options and negotiate a resolution that meets everyone’s needs.  A neutral mediator facilitates communication and promotes voluntary decision making as the parties work through the process together.  The goal of mediation is to create a win-win result as an alternative to a win-lose experience in the courts.  A mediator is not an advocate, judge, jury, counselor, or therapist and does not provide legal advice, determine who is right of wrong, take sides, nor make a decision.

CONNECT: To connect with Lois please visit her website at, or 248-361-0219

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