SHOW: Voice For Spirit

TIME:  Every month, 3rd Tuesday 7-8 EST.

Princess Deb

HOST: Deborah refers to her work as “A Voice for Spirit” to help those seeking enlightenment, understand their own connection to the Source of all Life so they may empower themselves to create the life they wish to live. Deborah will discuss topics and tools on how to take your soul back to its original blueprint.  Get excited!! Over the next 6 months, HARDCORE Psychic topics in the most (straight to the point, no sugar coating way) ” Return to Sender”, “Manipulating Love/Sex Energy “, “Crazy Mind Karmic Energy “etc…also allowing you that same night, to call in for “One Question/ One Card Psychic Reading, so I can tell you “like it is”.

MORE:  Deborah is a naturally born gifted Medium/Psychic, whose incredible gifts were discovered at a very young age. Deborah is the master of spiritual communication. She posses the four “clairs” Clairvoyance, clear seeing, and Clairaudience, clear hearing. Claircognizance, clear knowing, and Clairsentience, clear feeling, also known as Empathic (empathy).

“Each Life has a plan, a blueprint……I am a divine guide intended to take you back to the original Soul God created for you.”

OFFERS: Deborah offers Intuitive Consultations, Audience Readings, Angel/Oracle Readings, Tarot Readings, Business Intuitive Consultations and

more…  To book a session call: 248 881-3905 or go to

CONNECT: Catch up with her on Facebook or visit her site,

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