SHOW: Embodying Your Higher Self: Clearing the Ego


Christine Fodor

TIME: Every Fourth Wednesday Monthly, 8-9 p.m.

HOST: ‘Embodying Your Higher Self: Clearing the Ego’ is a live group clearing & healing session to help guide you to embody your higher self by clearing the ego, or negative mind, to remove it’s limitation and self-sabotage in your life. Anywhere you have negative mind chatter, limited belief systems or emotions that hijack your happiness we can clear and heal it to free you from the negative mind using ThetaHealing belief and feeling work and the Access Consciousness clearing statement along with psychic channeling of divine love & light with the Creator of All That Is. Call in live to share where you feel stuck or where things are not moving forward smoothly in your life to receive clearing & healing. Anyone who listens and says yes will receive the clearing and healing for any similar patterns or issues. Each time you listen to the recordings you will receive deeper clearing & healing. We will also connect your higher self through Theta state to the highest level of love & light with Creator of All That Is on Seventh Plane to align you and your higher self to divine truth, divine guidance and divine awareness with the love of Creator and your embodiment begins. Your destiny awaits…

MORE: Christine Fodor of Renewal Clearing & Healing is an intuitive energy medicine practitioner and psychic channel of source/creator with 13 years of practice specializing in clearing blocks and limitations to help you change your life to achieve your desired outcome. Christine helps you to actualize your highest potential and unlock your superpower of choice & possibility through psychic intuitive clearings, healings & readings. By connection to the highest level of love & light of the Creator, Christine assists you to embody your higher self & divine truth with unconditional love, divine guidance & awareness to remove blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health and wealth.

OFFERS: Christine is a Certified ThetaHealer in Basic DNA, Advanced DNA & Dig Deeper offering sessions to facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual re-patterning through belief and feeling work which can create instant emotional and physical healing. In addition, Christine is an Access Consciousness Bars, Energetic Facelift and Body Process practitioner offering hands on treatment sessions. Access Bars are 32 points on the head that clear your blocks to receiving. Access Bars is like deleting old files that are no longer needed or defragging your computer to make room for new information. Access Energetic Facelift is like a full body rejuvenation of more youth and vitality. Christine also offers a monthly guided meditation group and bannerpreviewa monthly embodying your higher self empowerment group. Individual coaching & mentorship is available for personalized deeper clearing & healing. Hands on treatments are available in Ypsilanti, MI. Long distance sessions are available by phone or Skype. 

CONNECT: Christine is available for private sessions for individuals or groups and works out of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Connect with her by phone at, 248-444-7408, email:, or visit her site at,

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