SHOW: Blessings With Selene

TIME:  2nd and 4th Thursday 10-11 a.m.

HOST: Selene is a grief coach and Angel Intuitive who after experiencing the personal loss of a child, restored her life by receiving and accepting loving messages from spirit. She brings her guidance, experiences, and spiritual approach to those parents who are grieving and strives to help them nurture their connection to their child, to God and to the angelic realm. She is the author of: “Not Your Usual Grief Book: How to Heal While Connecting with Your Child Who Died,” in the hopes of spreading her message of healing and love to all those who need it.

MORE: Selene started her working life as a scientist with a degree in Biochemistry. After her first child was born, she decided to stay at home to care for her child with an eye to returning to school later. However, the Universe intervened and after the diagnosis and subsequent death of her oldest child to leukemia, she wanted with all her heart to help families such as hers and decided to change her career path to social work. She received her masters degree in 2000 and for the past seventeen years has helped countless of grieving parents and siblings with her message of hope in the midst of the greatest sadness of them all.

Selene has decided that all the valuable lessons she gathered from both her personal and professional experiences needed to be put into book form in order to broaden the reach of her message and bring solace to the hearts of many. She lives in Michigan with her daughter, Elise and her beloved dachshund, Snoopy.

Selene Negrette

OFFERS: “From Winter to Spring Program” If you don’t know how you are going to be able to go on after your child has died, you want a step-by-step guide that will provide you with the information and tools you need to learn to live again. The ‘From Winter to Spring’ program is an 8-week long journey that will transform you, as a bereaved parent, from feeling paralyzed and numb, to experiencing profound and meaningful healing. Most grieving parents do not feel understood by those who have not gone through their experience; if you can relate and want help, this program is for you! It was developed by someone who has walked in your shoes. Selene Negrette lost her child to cancer, and a few years later, began supporting grieving parents as a social worker. She is now the author of ‘Not Your Usual Grief Book: How to Heal While Connecting With Your Child Who Died’ and has expanded its lessons to develop the program ‘From Winter to Spring’–a full 8-week journey of one-on-one support, guidance and mentoring complete with a Healing Journal and a myriad of additional supportive materials and practices that will show you step by step:

* How to get in touch with the feelings that are keeping you paralyzed and learn practices to transmute them and let them go

* How to get in touch with how much the loss of your child has changed you in order to learn new ways to cope

* How to fill your inner reservoir of love so that you can nurture yourself and others

* How to support your children in grief; how to answer their questions; when to worry and when not to worry

* How to honor the uniqueness of your grief as a couple

* How to use your intuition to help guide you in life

* How to connect with your child who died in order to nurture the bond you will always have and to feel a sense of peace

* How to create a detailed yet doable plan to move forward

CONNECT: If you would like to purchase her book, “Not Your Usual Grief Book: How to Heal While Connecting with Your Child Who Died,” or for information, go to or email her at

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