SHOW: Eco Sexuality with Barbra White

TIME: Every 4th Tues – 10-11am


Barbra White

HOST: Explore your intimate relationship with the natural world, body, sexuality and food.

Each month Barbra will host dynamic leaders on: Ecopsychology, Feminism, Sacred Sexuality, Ecology, Raw Food,  Macrobiotics, Spiritual Leaders, Sustainable Farmers, and so much more!!

What Is Eco-Sexuality:

Eco-Sexuality is the exploration of our intimate relationships with the natural world, body, sexuality and food. In our over sexualized culture, it is a paradox that we truly don’t know what sexual energy is.  We still think it has something to do with other people, what people think or how we look.

Sexual energy is just energy, and when felt in the body without adding shame, it can lead to deeper connections with life. By its very nature, sexual energy seeks to unify, bring together, promote copulation, and creativity. Sexual energy, when felt as one’s own energy and not attached to a person or negative story, can heal the body.  And when felt with reverence, it promotes a deeper communion with the natural world and brings forth a felt embodied sweetness with life.

Everything around us is in relationship, in a form of interconnected copulating.  Deep intimacy with life, our bodies, others, and nature has a sexual dimension. Sexual energy is a natural life force that has become something to control, monopolize, dominate, and repress.  When the body and it’s sexual life force is honored as sacred, this intimacy can be felt while breathing, dancing, bathing, touching, cooking, or hugging.  Reclaiming sexual life force can deepen our relationship to God, life and empower men and women to stand in Love in the face of hate.

Holistic sexuality is a felt oneness in the body.  Sexuality is the Divine embodied.

Eco-Sexuality celebrates the intrinsic oneness to the food we eat, our bodies, the Earth God and Life Itself.

MORE: Barbra White M.A.,Di.hom life’s mission is to awaken people to their innate worth, sexual life force and soul’s gifts. Barbra is a gifted psychic, holistic therapist and best selling author. 17 years ago Barbra’s psychic gifts where diagnosed as aspergers and sensory disorders.  Since then; she has healed her illness, facilitated over 40,000 people into happiness, written four books, and created Self Acceptance Process.

S.A.P. Certification program empowers people to be Shepard’s of the new paradigm of Love. Barbra is dedicated to teaching others how to live authentically, utilize their intuition, and remember how deeply they are loved. Barbra is author of Why Self Acceptance Is So Powerful, Self Acceptance Process, Magnificent You, and Finding The One. She is host of the radio show Eco-Sexuality that explores our innate connections to nature, body, Earth, and food.  She has a masters in Trans-personal Psychology with Ecopsychology focus, Diploma in Natural Health Sciences, Reiki, and Shamballa Master, Qi-Cong Practitioner, and Auricular Medicine Certified.

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