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Adrianna Lesniak

SHOW: Adrianna’s Mystic Connections

TIME:  Every month, 2nd Saturday, 10-11am EST.

HOST: Adrianna Lesniak is a truly gifted medium, energy healer and teacher, as well as a Psychic Clairvoyant and is experienced in Spiritual Development, Akashic Records, Tarot Cards, Numerology, Reiki, Mediumship. She has been described as “Amazingly Accurate”.  Psychic Adrianna offers guidance and messages from your dear departed, guides and angels simply for the asking.

MORE: She has taught people from all over the world all about the Sacred Triad. She travels regionally to share her gifts of channeling, healing and intuitive guidance. She is a compassionate and devoted woman of Spirit, she IS Adrianna Lesniak and her program Adrianna’s Mystic Connections is LIVE the 2nd Saturday of each month. Call in 646-378-0378 to ask a question of this fascinating medium and let her Angels speak to YOU through her. Bring your heart’s questions and she’ll provide the answers that Spirit truly knows are what you NEED to know. During this program Adrianna will share her thoughts on this topic: Making everything from nothing!

OFFERS: Adrianna offers Psychic Readings, Retreats and more…  To make an appointment call: 248 379-7324 or email

CONNECT: Catch up with her on Facebook or visit her site for at:

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