SHOW: Accident Angels Wellness Show

TIME:  Weekly Monday & Thursdays 7-8 p.m EST.

HOST: Accident AngelAccident Angels Flyer - B-0-mins Wellness Show. Rebuild your life one day at a time after a serious accident or illness. Life has storms but we can ride the wave back to a healthy life. Join Renee Angel as she offers testimonials, expert guests in Michigan, Auto No Fault Insurance Laws, Renee Angel’s knowledge and experience to help renew restore and rebuild the lives of  individuals that have been in car accidents, educate all listeners on their rights and the benefits you deserve when in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident. Listen Live to learn about your rights benefits and opportunities and receive free advice!

MORE: Our mission is to renew, revealed and restore individuals that have been in car accidents and our goal is to educate each individual on their insurance benefits when they are in an auto accident so they can have their four rights: The right of attorney, The right case manager, The right medical team, and The right insurance benefits. Guided by relentless focus on our clients receiving the benefits they deserve from their auto insurance carrier, we constantly strive to deliver: Quality Service to everyone of our Clients, Long Term Strategies & Short-Term Actions, and Core Values that are shared by every member of your care team. We Educate the Client on Insurance Benefits they are entitled, resulting from an auto accident. Benefits you deserve: Lost Wages, Attendant Care, Household Services,  Medical Transportation, All Medical Injuries Covered.

OFFERS: Client Evaluation: Mgmt. Team review of Clients Case & Potential Benefits. Client Assessment: Accidents Angels Resident Nurse Client Evaluation. Team Assignment & Review: Client Medical Team & Associates assignment. Client & Family Orientation: Detail Program Presentation. Benefits Review: Client’s Customized Benefits Review & Agreement Signing. Client Status Report: Status Report (30 days), containing Client Plan & Agreement.

CONNECT: If you would like to connect with Accident Angels please venture to their site at, or call 855-392-6435

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