SHOW: Fairy Tale Interrupted: Relationship Coaching with Dr. Andrea Lee

Andrea Lee Ph.D., C.C.

Dr. Andrea Lee Ph.D., C.C.

TIME: Every month, 2nd Tuesday 10-11 a.m.

HOST: Andrea understands and that life doesn’t go according to plan and that there are hardships couples must overcome to create a desired relationship.  She, and her husband, have dealt with child loss, having several special needs children in the home and surviving the adoption process.  Together, they have had to conquer the challenges that present as they moved forward in a relationship after such life-changing events.  Andrea has walked the walk and can help you overcome your issues so you can enjoy a loving relationship you both deserve.  Aside from her practice, Andrea loves spending time with her husband and 6 children.  (Yes, her family is complete!) There is living proof that you really can have it all in the end!

MORE: Aside from her personal experiences, Dr. Andrea Lee C.C. is a National Speaker, an International Author, and an in-demand Certified Life Coach & Relationship Guru with Fairy Tale Interrupted. She is also a Trainer at the Marriage Boot Camp (the same national 501(c) 3 company that showcases a WE TV show called Marriage Boot Camp).

With over 17 years of consulting and coaching experience, Andrea sold her successful business coaching practice in September of 2015 to devote herself to her passion, which is to help couples struggling through daily hardships. To supplement her coaching experience and certifications, Andrea has earned her Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology, a Doctorate in Organizational Management of Business Administration and a Doctorate in Psychology.

She is excited to offer services in her comprehensive practice in which she enjoys providing affordable coaching care in either an individual or group setting. Fairy Tale Interrupted has offered coaching services to hundreds of national clients either by phone, Skype or face-to-face sessions. Andrea’s full services relationship practice includes special coaching interests in couples (and individuals) with work/home life imbalance, mastering true forgiveness, relationship crisis management, couples (and Individuals) with infertility issues (including child loss), and families with special needs children.

OFFERS:  We have helpSocial Media Profile Background Alt.ed clients like you successfully achieve the next level by addressing a wide variety of relationship issues related to home, family, and work. Our certified coaches acknowledge that unique situations require individualized solutions. As a result, we customize our services to help clients create an individualized plan of action. We truly care about your well-being and want to help. Love doesn’t have to be a battlefield and you can stop the war in your home!

CONNECT: Call to schedule your FREE “Relationship Explosion” consultation, 888-395-0158 or connect with Andrea through her site,

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