• The Master Jesus: ”These Three have done more for the human race upon Earth then any other three Masters who have EVER contacted the human race, at any time, upon this Planet. In comparison with what They have done for you, my task and the results of what I did were naught! Were not even worthy of mention! I Jesus, whom You murdered and rose…[Read more]

  • I’m slowly beginning to suspect that the Master Jesus was one of the Mesoamerican deites (‘Feathered Serpents’) that has been worshiped at least since the time of the Olmecs, and later known as Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya and other names.

    I also think the Master Jesus was the Egyptian God Osiris whose father…[Read more]

  • Just to correct Richard at the 9 minute mark, or thereabouts, Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of military assets from Syria, not, of course, from Russia. This military action on behalf of Russia was far more successful in combating terrorism than the entire western miltary campaign put together with ISIS, Al-nusra, and other groups,…[Read more]

  • It appears that This ‘Operation Sunbeam Campaign’ on behalf of the Gotha Masters is now an essential part of the Cosmic Plan for this Milky Way Galaxy. Each Planet would now conduct their version of Operation Sunbeam which would become an essential part of the Cosmic Plan for their respective Planets.

    I believe that Dr King decided to call…[Read more]

  • I would encourage anyone interested in this subject to read ”Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge – It is time for you to know.” By Steven M. Greer , M.D. It shows that there are now many extraterrestrial beings interested in Earth following many of the events discussed by the Aetherius Society! I’m sure the Gotha Masters are behind Dr Greer’s contacts too!

  • Perhaps another fascinating subject for a future radio programme might be Life Outside the Solar System? The Aetherius Society appears to focus on the Cosmic Masters from other Planets in this Solar System, but does, nevertheless, give some tantalising snippets of information about other forms of life in other parts of the Galaxy and beyond. We…[Read more]

  • Paul commented on the post, Aetherius Radio Live 3 years ago

    It’s interesting to note that there appears to a be a familiarity of sorts between the Saturnian – the Lord Babaji and the Master Dr George King. I believe Dr King mentions in Visit to the Logos of Earth that there is an uncommon feeling of brotherly love between the two! We may infer from this that Dr King was at least Saturnian in origin which…[Read more]

  • Paul commented on the post, Aetherius Radio Live 3 years ago

    Thanks Richard for sharing that comment about the Master Aetherius being a Representative of the Planet Venus by ‘self-appointing’ Himself! 🙂 I’ve suspected, as mentioned in an earlier comment, that He represents not just the inhabitants of the Planet Venus but also the Planet Venus, Herself, as an Intelligence. I would imagine the Master…[Read more]

  • Paul commented on the post, 3 years ago

    I would guess the first reported sighting of a ‘space temple’ would have been 18 and a half million years ago over the Gobi Desert? It’s interesting that Shamballa floats in geo-synchronous orbit of Earth, suggesting perhaps that the potentised spot tapers off several miles above the desert floor unlike certain other centres?

  • Now I may be wrong here but I believe (please correct me if I’m wrong) Dr King replied to a question on cattle mutilation stating it may ‘possibly be devic’ in origin. I’m sure this was in one of his audio lectures. Probably Dr King had not had time to personally study the subject as his energies were heavily involved in the Cosmic Missions. I…[Read more]

  • According to The Nine Freedoms, and You are responsible by Dr George King, humanity will one day become at one with the Devic Kingdom! We know that on Venus they have direct communion with the Devic Kingdom. Possibily a Master upon Venus can inhabit a part of It’s consciousness into say a Devic form, if neccessary, in order to help the ecological…[Read more]

  • It’s interesting to note that White Eagle makes a distinction between one aspect of the Devic Kingdom as independent intelligences in their own right and those which are thought-creations and operate under the direction of a higher Devic Intelligence. The later group may be regarded as Third Aspect Intelligences because they are created to perform…[Read more]

  • Ursula Roberts in her book ‘Reminiscences: A Lifetime of Spiritualism’ gives some of her personal experiences of the Devic Kingdom. Worth reading.

  • I was talking to a musician in a bar last night about the Devic Kingdom and mentioned the fact that mankind very often goes around polluting the environment and leaving our mess around with little discrimination. Yet we are also responsible for littering our negative thoughts into the environment just as much, perhaps more so, than the trash some…[Read more]

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    Just learned that a Perfect of Saturn Knows the Why of Existence.

  • Unable to access this audio file?

  • I may be wrong but might the term ‘athlete’ be dervived from the first King of Elis whose name was Aethlios, son of Aeolus (Zeus)?

  • I just listened to the next part which states ‘Live – Oh my Brothers – this Law, then you will know that one plus one equals Four.” Here Mars Sector 6 appears to mention the Law of Karma which is expressed mathematically here as Four. This must be a basic form of Cosmic Algebra!

  • The fact that Mars Sector 6 demonstrates that mathematics is variable, like very dimensions they depict, is a wonderful and very useful concept. When He states that ”one plus one equals three” to the metaphysician, I take this to refer to the concept of Synergy. That the combination of apparently individualised units is greater than the sum of…[Read more]

  • As Richard mentioned the Spiritual Eye and references to this in ancient Egypt it may be of some interest to note that the Cosmic Masters have also refereed to the Sun as Ra, which is an Egyptian name for the Male, Creative Sun of this Solar System. However, the Egyptian’s also had a name for the Female, Preservative Counterpart which they…[Read more]

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