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    The 1947 Roswell Incident was NOT the result of a crashed extra-terrestrial vehicle but rather a very terrestrial phenomena. We should remember that there was at least two crashes within a week of one another in that same year, in the same desert! I believe they were the result of an early Unacknowledged Special Access Project.…[Read more]

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    I would also like to add another comment here. I don’t blame the government, per se, for the extra-terrestrial secrecy because MOST of those in governmental positions are totally unaware of the level of secrecy pertaining to the extra-terrestrial issue. We have to appreciate that there are Unacknowledged Special Access Projects being conducted by…[Read more]

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    Regarding ex-president Bill Clinton. I don’t believe he was read into the 1947 Roswell Incident by this National Security advisers on an official basis. He was told point blank not to delve into an area beyond his paygrade. And he was the U.S. President! I know he DID try to delve into the subject and does have an avid interest in the subject of…[Read more]

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    I wonder if the Next Master will give to those who are ready Shaktipat? I recall the Master Aetherius urging people to ‘Look for That Star in the East’ which will shine with blue and golden colours. That when we see this ‘Star’ we should try to look through our Eye in silence. Then Power will be given unto us. I would be interested to here other…[Read more]

  • I would imagine that the Planet Maldec, which we destroyed, was but a part of the total consciousness of a Greater Planetary Lord. I could be wrong but since we see, in The Nine Freedoms, that there is this progressive reference to advanced spiritual beings dividing Their consciousness up into various parts, in order to be of Service, we might…[Read more]

  • Is it coincidence that since the Primary Initiation of Earth in 1964 we have seen a prolific array of Crop Circles around the world?

    Before this time we had simple circles and patterns which were regarded by some as Fairy Rings. Today we have these more complex designs which are predominantly human-made but a percentage are not, as far as we…[Read more]

  • I would agree with Richard that those yoga breathing practices, for example, contained within the book ‘Realise Your Inner Potential’ are indeed to be found upon the higher realms of Earth. These practices have been taught throughout the centuries, especially in the east with some variation. In many ways these practices upon the higher realms, and…[Read more]

  • I recall the Master George King stating something to the effect that in order for any Spiritual organisation to be metaphysically balanced it must incorporated at least some of it’s activities within, upon, or through the water aspect of Mother Earth and not just upon the Earth landmasses. I believe scientists are starting to discover tantilising…[Read more]

  • ”Neither would this Mission (Operation Sunbeam) have succeeded has it been devised by anyone else!” Master Aetherius

    I suspect that the Lord Babaji felt rather in-debt to Dr King for being permitted, if that’s the word, to incorporate Operation Sunbeam into the spiritual activities of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth. And this was just one…[Read more]

  • In the Youtube video entitled, ‘Retired NASA Astrobiologist Richard Hoover on space microorganisms’ the famous ex-NASA Scientist Richard Hoover was interviewed by a reporter from the Huffington post at the 2014 UFO Congress. The reporter Lee Speigel asked him, ”Do you think the variety of missions that we’ve sent to Mars have evidence of, not…[Read more]

  • While at NASA, Professor Richard Hoover wrote papers about his work on meteorites that showed evidence of microfossils. He discovered the fossilized remains of life in meteorites recovered from France in 1864, from Australia in 1969 and from Sri Lanka in 2012. His research ruled out the possibility of earthly contamination, and in normal…[Read more]

  • I recall Mars Sector 6 stating that there is a reason behind their every thought and action. Everything is predetermined by those upon Mars and the more advanced Planets.

    It was this same Being Who stated, in The Nine Freedoms, that after a Planetary Birth through the Logos of a Planet Interplanetary Intelligences try, ”….with all available…[Read more]

  • Do we know anything about Sri Nandi? Could He have been the Saturnian Master (in Fourth Aspect) that Dr King has describes with extremely small feet but very large hands.

  • I wonder if Richard and Alyson’s UFO experience was related, due to it’s colours, to the Meditation provided in The Nine Freedom which uses colour symbology? I refer to that with the following colours: (White) then a Red globe, smaller green, and then All the colours are made manifest as the colour White – resulting from It’s travail through Evolution.

  • I suspect that the real Master Jesus is a Master of the Sun, or at least, of Solar Existence. It’s not definitive on my part, but there are some subtle suggestions which would appear to entertain such an idea. For example:

    1) In The Nine Freedoms there is the suggestion by the Karmic Lord, Mars Sector 6, that this Master (Jesus) has ”…..at…[Read more]

  • The Master Jesus: ”These Three have done more for the human race upon Earth then any other three Masters who have EVER contacted the human race, at any time, upon this Planet. In comparison with what They have done for you, my task and the results of what I did were naught! Were not even worthy of mention! I Jesus, whom You murdered and rose…[Read more]

  • I’m slowly beginning to suspect that the Master Jesus was one of the Mesoamerican deites (‘Feathered Serpents’) that has been worshiped at least since the time of the Olmecs, and later known as Quetzalcoatl among the Aztecs, Kukulkan among the Yucatec Maya and other names.

    I also think the Master Jesus was the Egyptian God Osiris whose father…[Read more]

  • Just to correct Richard at the 9 minute mark, or thereabouts, Vladimir Putin announced the withdrawal of military assets from Syria, not, of course, from Russia. This military action on behalf of Russia was far more successful in combating terrorism than the entire western miltary campaign put together with ISIS, Al-nusra, and other groups,…[Read more]

  • It appears that This ‘Operation Sunbeam Campaign’ on behalf of the Gotha Masters is now an essential part of the Cosmic Plan for this Milky Way Galaxy. Each Planet would now conduct their version of Operation Sunbeam which would become an essential part of the Cosmic Plan for their respective Planets.

    I believe that Dr King decided to call…[Read more]

  • I would encourage anyone interested in this subject to read ”Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge – It is time for you to know.” By Steven M. Greer , M.D. It shows that there are now many extraterrestrial beings interested in Earth following many of the events discussed by the Aetherius Society! I’m sure the Gotha Masters are behind Dr Greer’s contacts too!

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