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Journey Into Oneness.

Journey Into Oneness with Darlene Sowa. Energy Medicine Practitioner, exercise physiologist and bona-fide nature lover, Darlene shares ideas and tools to assist you on your journey to rediscovering your wild and authentic nature, as well as, the abundant nature of the universe.

Monthly topics and guest will help you navigate these ever-changing times with new insights, renewed hope and empowering visions.

Topic/Guest: Rev. Annamarie McConnell will join to discuss, The Power and Joy of Sacred Ceremony.

Rev. Annmarie McConnell has led sacred fire ceremonies both in the U.S. and abroad for a number of years in an effort to honor Gaia and rekindle the love and power of sacred ceremony in the hearts of others. Her intense shamanic training has enabled her to personally experience first hand the gift, value and importance of sacred ceremony in our ever-evolving spiritual growth. She lovingly shares this gift and her experiences with others.

For more information please visit, www.mynativeireland.com

Airtime 1-2 p.m.

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