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Adrianna’s Mystic Connections. Gifted angel reader, healer and teacher. Adrianna invites you to call in for guidance and counsel from the angels. The second half, Adrianna offers free mini readings!

Topic: The 4th annual Mystic Gathering and welcoming guest Susan DeCaussin.


Susan DeCaussin

Susan began her Spiritual journey several years ago after having experienced unexplainable “knowings” about people, situations and events.

After spending over 50 years in organized religion, she was called to take a journey to deep within her soul, where an amazing awakening began to happen. By opening herself to this Universal energy, Spirit now communicates through her using words, emotions, symbols, images and physical sensations to provide consoling messages and validation to her clients.

In addition to her role as a Motivational / Inspirational Speaker and Intuitive, Susan teaches self-empowerment classes, has produced her own meditation CD and has a diverse background. She’s built a portfolio of contacts, life experiences and perspectives that she applies to each one of her writings and teachings. For more information or to contact Susan please visit, susandecaussin.com

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