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Adrianna’s Mystic Connections. Gifted angel reader, healer and teacher. Adrianna invites you to call in for guidance and counsel from the angels. Her topic: Adrianna will be discussing numerology, and the significance of your year starting on your birthday. She will also be discussing the launch of her Radio Network. The second half of the show Adrianna will be giving “one question readings” to callers.

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  1. Bill
    August 8, 2015

    Well after a lengthy registration to get to here an archived, as 10 am Sunday is not great for me, I still can’t get to your archived shows. So SAD.

    • pennygolden
      August 10, 2015

      HI Bill,

      there is no need to register at all, all archived shows are available from a link on the show page. Sorry that you felt you had to register or that that took longer than you wanted. Hope you enjoy the shows.

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