Aetherius Radio Live

April 25, 2018 | Posted in Aetherius Radio Live

Aetherius Society members bring the wisdom of outer space to help you realize the potential of inner space. Wonderful topics every month such as The Nine Freedoms, Ascended Masters, Karma and more!

TOPIC THIS EPISODE: “Jesus, The Messiah of the Piscean Age”. With Chrissie Blaze and Alyson Lawrence


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Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn

April 25, 2018 | Posted in Sacred Sexuality with Leslie Blackburn

Leslie helps you connect with your sacred sexuality, and welcomes calls during the show. Join her for monthly topics that help you bring peace to you, your body, and your relationships. Bring your curiosity!


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Beautiful Earth with Barbra White and Weam Namou

April 24, 2018 | Posted in Beautiful Earth with Barbra White

Welcome to the “Beautiful Earth” radio show, a one-hour celebration of our “Great Mother Earth” with host Barbra White. Barbra is a holistic therapist, gifted psychic, and bestselling author. Each month she is joined by Dynamic Leaders on cutting edge of Ecopsychology, Feminism, Sacred Sexuality, Ecology, Raw Food, Macrobiotics, Spirituality, Sustainability and more…

 Barbra’s Guest this month:

Weam Namou, Award-Winning Author, Filmmaker and Consultant. Listen to the show and see more info below…


Mesopotamian Goddesses: Unveiling Your Feminine Power 

A transformed understanding of feminine consciousness, helping you, through powerful yet practical exercises, to manifest your dreams and create a healthy marriage within yourself, your home, and society.

Preorder your copy now or learn how you can become part of this history!

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We Get Results

April 24, 2018 | Posted in We Get Results

Mary Singer Albertson Knows how to get Results and the People who make things happen. Her slogan is “Be an advocate for people who have no voice”. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for… “Be the change you want to see in the world.

SPECIAL EPISODE: Child Abuse Awareness (see notes below)



Mary is joined by Elizabeth Brazilian and others from Child Safe Michigan and the Judson Center for an enlightening show on how to keep children safe.

More about her guest:

 Child Safe Michigan joined forces with Judson Center in January of 2015, standing together as two enlightened charities who decided to come together to make a lasting and significant difference in the lives of children and families we serve with a more collective and concentrated impact.

Visit their sites at  and

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Journey Into Oneness

April 11, 2018 | Posted in Journey Into Oneness

Journey Into Oneness with Darlene Sowa. Energy Medicine Practitioner, exercise physiologist, lifestyle visionary. Darlene shares ideas and tools to assist you on your journey to rediscovering your wild and authentic nature, as well as, the abundant nature of the universe. Monthly topics and a guest will help you navigate these ever-changing times with new insights, renewed hope, and empowering visions. Topics: Releasing the old, birthing the new.


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