Making It To The Finish Line

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Making It To The Finish Line

Making It To The Finish Line. Weekly Wednesday Evenings 7-8 p.m.

Join Host Gladys Pearson, Co-Hosts Chef Sand, Big Will’s Smokehouse and Ms. Dawn for a wonderful motivational, informative and inspirational show on youth. Topics such as, Get to know your hosts, the organization, and the upcoming Cotillion Ball. Youth and School. Youth Turning Hobbies into Profit for the Summer. Young and Elegant Cotillion and Young and Debonair Boot Camp.

Topic: How to Jump start Advance education for Middle School students and High School Students. We will have a guest calling in Mr. Anthony White, The Detroit Youth Concert Choir & Performing Arts Co., talking about upcoming auditions.

Airtime 7-8 p.m.

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Journey Into Oneness interview with Liz Gunn

August 9, 2017 | Posted in Featured Guest, Journey Into Oneness

Journey Into Oneness. Journey Into Oneness with Darlene Sowa. Energy Medicine Practitioner, exercise physiologist and bona-fide nature lover, Darlene shares ideas and tools to assist you on your journey to rediscovering your wild and authentic nature, as well as, the abundant nature of the universe.

Liz Gunn

Monthly topics and guest will help you navigate these ever-changing times with new insights, renewed hope and empowering visions.

Topic/Guest: Exploring a New Threshold of Potential and Possibility through Astrology with guest, Liz Gunn, Intuitive Astrologer.

Liz Gunn is an Intuitive Astrologer with 30 years of experience as a skilled translator of planetary influences.

My intuitive astrology readings specialize in shifting perceptions in order to see the gift in life’s challenges. From deep personal experience, I offer an uncommon wisdom that will inspire you to find faith and meaning in your own story.

The focus of my work centers around the theme, “Know Your Chart – Know Your Self.” I believe we are each being asked to understand the nature of our humanity within the context of the rapidly changing paradigm of existing reality. The increasing demands of navigating the waters of self-change require a perceptual shift to broaden our self-awareness. We all have a threshold we must cross in order to embrace the highest frequency of Love available at this time. It is with great joy that I offer my gifts in service to help facilitate your moment of crossing.

For more information please visit,

Airtime 1-2 p.m.

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